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Birth injuries and cerebral palsy: what parents should know

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Birth Injury

Parents hope their children have few issues when they’re being born, however, that’s not always the case. One of the most common and long-term delivery injuries an infant can get is cerebral palsy. The condition is classified as a group of disorders that can impact muscle movement, tone and posture. It’s often caused by damage to the baby’s brain during their birth.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability in children across the United States and nearly half of those who have it have another co-occurring condition.

Cerebral palsy doesn’t just impact those who live with it. Parents who have a child with the disability often suffer as they and their child may never lead a stable life. They may also face a burden of endless medical expenses.

How birth injuries can contribute to cerebral palsy

These are a few instances where a child could develop the disability:

  • The doctor or obstetrician does not provide appropriate oxygen levels to the baby through a cesarean section, or there is an extensive delay in performing the procedure.
  • The mother used harmful drugs during her pregnancy. Those can include cocaine, methamphetamine and some legal, but dangerous prescription medications.
  • The baby endures head trauma after delivery, which can lead to extensive bleeding.
  • The baby is born prematurely. A baby is considered premature if they arrive before the 37th week of a mother’s pregnancy.

Birth injuries can cause long-term obstacles

When a child develops a life-long disability like cerebral palsy, it can create severe emotional and financial hardship for them and their families. In some cases, parents may want to receive damage payments for the harm inflicted during the delivery process. If so, an experienced attorney can help take their case to court and get them the compensation they deserve.


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