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Manufacturers may soon turn to automated motorcycles

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Semi-autonomous cars have been a rising trend throughout Iowa and the rest of America for some time now. Multiple manufacturers are now aiming to apply that same safety technology to different types of vehicles.

Until recently, there has been little in the way of driver-assistance technology for motorcycles. Since motorcycle fatalities happen 28 times more often per mile traveled than fatal car accidents, it seems obvious that there’s a need for greater safety. Motorcycles would inherently benefit from driver-assistance technology given that their riders are exposed to far more danger.

This is why several automakers and auto part suppliers have recently announced their entry into the market. Companies like Bosch and Damon X Labs are designing driver-assistance motorcycle technology such as adaptive cruise control and automatic deceleration. The delay in bringing this technology to the market lies with the fundamental difference between motorcycles and automobiles. While a system like automated emergency braking makes sense for a car or truck, it can be a disaster on a motorcycle. Abrupt stops are manageable in an automobile, but the same cannot be said for a motorcycle.

While driver-assistance technology may someday limit or eliminate vehicle accidents, the unfortunate truth is that collisions will still happen for the foreseeable future. A driver injured in a vehicle accident due to the negligence of another motorist may want to seek a claim for damages. These damages could cover bodily injury, car repair bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. An attorney with experience handling negligence cases may be able to help the victim recover a fair settlement.


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