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Distracted driving increasingly becoming a problem

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Car Accidents

For many Iowa drivers, being able to listen to music, use navigation systems and make phone calls or texts while they are on the road can make driving more bearable. However, built-in infotainment systems and smartphone use can also make driving far more dangerous. In fact, many believe that distracted driving was a factor in some of the estimated 37,150 traffic fatalities that occurred in 2017.

Over the last many decades, the aviation industry has been becoming increasingly more autonomous. It is known from this increase in automation that humans have difficulty snapping back to attention after becoming distracted. As semi-autonomous technology and increasingly-powerful smartphones continue to become available, focus will have to turn to determining how to develop systems that are not as distracting to drivers, meaning that they are not turning as much of their attention from the road in front of them.

One study suggests that the problem may also have a generational aspect, noting that younger drivers may be more likely to use technology, particularly smartphones, while they are driving. For example, a company called Agero, which provides roadside assistance systems, found in its own study that drivers between the ages of 17 and 22 use their smartphones for approximately 12 percent of the time they are driving.

When distracted drivers cause car accidents, the potential for car accident injuries may be increased due to the fact that many distracted drivers were not paying attention to light changes, slowing traffic or their speed. A personal injury attorney may do the legwork of gathering evidence, opening an independent case into the crash if there is an argument over liability or negotiating a settlement. During the negotiations, the attorney may determine the full amount of damages that resulted from the collision, such as medical costs and lost income.


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