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Did A University Of Iowa Doctor Or Other State Employee Cause Your Injury?

If an Iowa state employee’s negligent or wrongful actions on the job cause property damage, personal injury or wrongful death, a lawsuit may be brought against the state. This is possible under the Iowa State Tort Claims Act (Iowa Code, Chapter 669).

At the law firm of Hixson & Brown, P.C., we are very familiar with the Iowa State Tort Claims Act and how to pursue personal injury cases against the state. This includes bringing medical malpractice claims for injuries incurred while receiving treatment at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Not All Personal Injury Firms Are Willing To Take These Types Of Cases

Bringing claims against the state of Iowa is complicated and challenging, and not all firms are willing to handle these matters. The state has extensive resources to combat personal injury lawsuits. In medical malpractice claims against the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, the qualifications of the doctors involved are usually very high, making it more difficult to assert medical negligence claims.

Nevertheless, Hixson & Brown, P.C., is willing and able to bring cases against the state of Iowa.

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