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Helping Victims Of Electric Shock Injuries Across Iowa

An electric shock may cause no damage or it may cause extreme injuries, depending on the intensity of the voltage and the route the current took through the individual’s body. Strong voltage commonly causes electric burns or even death by electrocution.

At Hixson & Brown, P.C. in West Des Moines, our lawyers represent individuals throughout Iowa who have suffered serious electric shocks due to the negligence or carelessness of another party. Our lawyers also handle wrongful death claims for families that have lost loved ones to electrocution. We have decades of combined experience in these and other personal injury cases.

What Are The Causes And Effects Of Electrical Injuries?

A wide range of dangerous conditions can cause electrical shock injuries. They may result when a person has contact with:

  • High-voltage power lines during repair work or when lines are down after a car accident
  • Electrical arc flashes from power lines on construction sites or other locations
  • Electrical outlets on the floors of restaurants or industrial plants that have gotten wet
  • Metal ladders or machinery that has picked up an electric current

Injuries can include cardiac arrest from electricity passing through the heart, nerve and tissue damage from current passing through the body, and thermal burns at entry or exit points on the body.

Offering Free Consultations To Every Client

Our attorneys will handle personal injury claims against negligent power companies and independent contractors. Whatever the situation that led to your electric shock injury, we will advise you of your rights and options under Iowa law.

To request a free case evaluation, call 515-644-6133.. You can also reach us via our online contact form.