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Crash with storm chasers leads to lawsuit against Weather Channel

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Wrongful Death

The Weather Channel has a show called “Storm Wranglers,” whose two stars were killed in a crash on March 28, 2017, and Iowa residents may want to know that the incident has led to a wrongful death lawsuit. The two were chasing a tornado near the city of Spur, Texas, when they allegedly ran a stop sign and collided into the jeep of a 25-year-old storm spotter employed by the National Weather Service, killing that driver as well.

The mother of the 25-year-old victim is suing the Weather Channel for $125 million, claiming that the network is responsible for the reckless driving that the stars of “Storm Wranglers” engaged in. They reportedly had a long history of such behavior because this would make the chases more exciting for viewers.

The Weather Channel livestreams many of these chases on its Facebook page. The March 28 incident was recorded, too, until the accident caused the broadcast to end.

Lawyers for the plaintiff have presented text messages between other storm chasers and one of the show’s producers to prove how the stars’ reckless driving was not a secret but rather a matter of wide concern. The lawsuit states that by continuing to employ the chasers and doing nothing to curb their reckless driving, the Weather Channel was negligent. The network has stated that it cannot comment on pending litigation.

The cause of action here seems strong, but there is no doubt the lawsuit will face opposition from the other side. This is why those who have a case under wrongful death law may want to hire a lawyer before moving forward. A lawyer, together with third parties like investigators and medical experts, may be able to gather evidence against the other side before trying to negotiate a settlement. As a last resort, the lawyer might help the victim’s family litigate.


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