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Small cars have much higher crash risks

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Car Accidents

Small cars are popular in Iowa because of their superior gas mileage. People who are thinking about buying small cars might want to consider more than just that, however. Safety considerations are also important because smaller vehicles present much higher risks of injuries and fatalities than do larger, heavier vehicles.

Since small cars weigh a lot less than larger vehicles, they have shorter braking distances to come to full stops. By contrast, larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs require larger distances in order to come to complete stops. When these bigger vehicles hit smaller cars, they may still be in the process of trying to slow down. This means that the people inside of the smaller vehicles may experience more of the brunt of the accident than would people in the larger vehicles.

In front-end crashes, people in smaller vehicles are also much likelier to suffer catastrophic injuries. Because the cars have smaller hoods and engines, there is less of the frame available to absorb the crash forces. When these types of accidents happen, the collision forces will continue on into the vehicles, impacting the occupants inside. When comparing small cars to larger vehicles, people in small cars are twice as likely to be killed in accidents than are those in the bigger vehicles, according to some statistics.

Even though people may take preventive action to reduce their risks of collisions, some car accidents will still happen. When people suffer serious injuries in accidents that are caused by the reckless driving behavior of others, the victims might want to consult with experienced personal injury attorneys. The lawyers can often help their clients to recover compensation in much higher amounts than the clients might otherwise be able to receive on their own.


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