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Challenges for driving during the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Car Accidents

Iowa motorists might like to know the particular dangers that the fall season brings while on the road. Shorter days and unpredictable weather are two challenges of fall driving. When heading to or from work, there may be more traffic and pedestrians since school is back in session. Drivers should watch for kids walking to and from school in neighborhoods and around school bus stops.

Dust and oil builds up on roads after a series of dry days, which makes the roads especially slippery when it does rain. Leaves may also make roads slippery and can hide hazards like potholes and obscure pavement markings. As the leaves change colors, drivers may also need to watch out for tourists enjoying the changing scenery. Cars with out-of-state plates that are driving slow might be inspecting the fall foliage. As these vehicles move slowly and make sudden stops or turns, other motorists should give these cars extra room.

Fog and frost are more prevalent in the fall. Fog might limit visibility on cold mornings while there are icy patches on the road due to quick drops in the temperature at night. Frost is most common on shaded areas of road, overpasses and bridges. Fog typically occurs near hills, trees, mountains and water. Low beams are better for fog than high beams because high beams create a glare by bouncing off the fog.

When preventable car accidents occur, injured parties could seek compensation for damages through a personal injury suit. Preventable accidents typically occur when improper driver behavior causes a crash that otherwise would not have happened. No one may be to blame if inclement weather causes a collision, but people need to take weather conditions into account.


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