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July 2015 Archives

Don't be left with the bill after a distracted driver hits you

During the summer months, Iowa becomes a place where motorcyclists can enjoy the sights and sounds of country and city life. An unfortunate truth about the increase in motorcyclists is that there will likely also be an increase in motorist fatalities. Motorcyclists are not well protected against injury in an accident, and that means that they're more likely to be killed, to suffer traumatic brain injuries or to suffer from road rash or burns.

Drugged and drunk drivers: Dangerous symptoms lead to crashes

Drugged driving is not new, but it is something that is happening more commonly and putting other drivers at risk, so it has been highlighted as a growing concern. Drugs affect the way people drive much in the same way that alcohol does. In fact, when someone is accused of driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence, these terms can include drugged or drunk driving.

Why is the drinking age 21 and not 18?

Drunk driving is a real problem that hurts and kills many people all over the United States each year. In Iowa alone, there were 83 deaths from drunk driving in 2011 and 92 in 2012. Twenty-five percent of all traffic deaths in Iowa in 2012 were caused by or involved alcohol and drunk driving.

Injured in a pedestrian accident? Get compensated

Maybe you exercise near the roads because there aren't many sidewalks in your area, or perhaps you were doing laps on a running course because it was an easy route. Wherever you were when a vehicle suddenly approached and injured you, you weren't expecting to be hit by a car. Maybe a construction crew on the path accidentally struck you or a car weaved on the road and hit you; whatever happened, you are the one who has now been left to deal with the pain and suffering of the accident.

Iowa ranks high for safety out of all U.S. states

If you live anywhere in the United States, you know you have many choices to make when it comes to choosing where you live when you move or are learning more about your area. You may base your decision to move on being close to an ocean or being inland, or you could decide to move to one of the safest states in order to raise a family. Out of the 50 states, Iowa has ranked the 12th safest state overall, and when it comes to pedestrian safety, it's in the top 10.

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