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What are the main causes of motorcycle accidents?

There are a number of factors that contribute to accidents involving motorcyclists.

Many people enjoy riding motorcycles in Iowa, but the risk of accidents and injuries can be greater than with other automobiles. Compounding this is the lack of safety that is observed in many of the accidents that take place. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that in 2014, 92,000 motorcyclists were injured and 4,586 were killed throughout the U.S. It is important to understand that there are a number of factors that tend to be the main causes of motorcycle accidents.

More difficult to notice than other vehicles

HealthDay news discusses the results of a study done on motorcycle crashes by the Australian National University. It was suggested that because drivers see motorcycles less than they see other vehicles, it is harder for them to spot one. Using driver simulators, researchers found that there was a gap of 167 feet in the distance for drivers who saw them less often than for those who saw them more.

The study examined 40 drivers of adult age and looked at their ability to see buses and motorcycles. It should be noted that researchers found the same results when drivers saw less buses than those that saw more. They state that this adds strength to the claim “I didn’t see it” which is used after a car hits a motorcycle.

The use of alcohol

The Insurance Information Institute compares the 22 percent alcohol-intoxication-rate of drivers of other automobiles who end up in fatal crashes with the 29 percent rate of motorcyclists who were intoxicated with alcohol. In these cases, motorcycle riders had blood alcohol concentration levels of .08 percent or higher. Furthermore, there was a four-times higher likelihood of alcohol intoxication for riders who were involved in night-time crashes.

Speed limit violations

The Insurance Information Institute also discusses statistics related to speed limit violations. Eight percent of large truck drivers were speeding when they were involved in fatal crashes. The percentage for speeding light truck drivers was 18 percent, and passenger car drivers violated speed limits in 21 percent of crashes. The number was highest, however, for motorcycle riders, who were riding over the speed limit in 34 percent of fatal crashes. This data shows that driving over the speed limit seems to pose a significant risk of crashing for motorcyclists.

If a person was injured while riding a motorcycle, the medical treatment can be costly. Precious work hours can be lost while recovering from injuries and for some bikers, they may be left permanently disabled. Talking with an attorney in Des Moines can help them understand what their legal options are.