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Seeking help in the face of birth injuries

Families expecting new babies should read here to get the facts on some pregnancy or birth complications that can result in serious birth injuries.

Iowa parents who spend months preparing for the arrival of new babies deserve to be able to experience all of the joy possible with such life-changing moments. However, problems can develop during pregnancy or labor and delivery that take away some of this joy when birth injuries result.

Being aware of some of the warning signs of potential birth-related problems can help parents to take action promptly. It is also important to understand how to get help when such issues do present themselves.

Watchful eyes are helpful during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a commonplace thing but it is nonetheless a medical condition which leaves women vulnerable to many complications. These situations can put both mothers and babies in danger, especially when the right corrective action is not taken in time.

Pregnant women that experience changes such as vaginal bleeding or different patterns to their babies’ movements in utero should consult their doctors. The doctors should check for changes in fetal heart rates as one signal that placental abruptions have happened. The American Pregnancy Association indicates placental abruptions can lead to death in roughly 15 percent of cases if the right help is not provided. It involves the separation of the placenta from the uterus. Another problem that can arise in women who have had prior births by Caesarean sections is known as a uterine rupture.

Some common results of complications

Many different complications during pregnancy, labor or delivery can cut off or limit the supply of oxygen to babies. This is called hypoxia and it can be a contributing factor in many resulting birth injuries including Cerebral palsy. WebMD.com states that up to 20 percent of all people who have cerebral palsy developed it as the result of a problem during birth. Delicate brain nerves that are responsible for controlling muscular movement are damaged, resulting in lifelong disabilities. The level of severity of cerebral palsy can vary from person to person.

Nerve damage near the shoulder region can lead to Erb’s palsy. This birth injury disability is noted by weakness or paralysis of a baby’s arm. Improper handling of a baby in the birth canal can cause this to happen.

Families deserve justice

Every parent and child affected by a birth injury deserves the right to seek justice and financial compensation. Help may be needed to provide care for disabled children. Talking to an attorney when a birth injury is suspected is always recommended.