Did Someone Else's Carelessness Lead To Your Burns?

Often combining extreme pain, skin grafts, reconstructive surgeries and permanent scars, burns are some of the most physically and emotionally damaging injuries.

The law firm Hixson & Brown, P.C., is an aggressive and attentive personal injury firm that advocates for injured clients in Iowa and beyond. With decades of combined serious injury experience, our Iowa burn injury attorneys are here to help injured clients recover the full amount of compensation they need to cover extensive medical bills, time off work, disability, pain and suffering and more.

We handle all types of burn and scar cases, including:

  • Burns sustained from exploding gas tanks or fires in car or truck accidents
  • Abrasive burns or road rash in motorcycle accidents
  • Chemical burns or hot liquid scalds in workplace accidents
  • Scars from shattering windshields in auto accidents

Was Your Child Or Teen Scarred?

The bodies of young teens and children are still in a state of development, so many doctors will not recommend performing plastic surgery to repair facial scars until your loved one has reached maturity. This means if your child may require reconstructive surgery in the future, you need to obtain money not only for his or her current needs, but also for medical care years down the road.

Our Des Moines Iowa personal injury attorney firm will fight for the maximum amount of compensation available. Our mission is to ensure you will be able to pay for the best treatment and your child will be able to recover the best quality of life possible.

Get The Legal Help You Deserve From A Burn Injuries Attorney In Iowa

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